Alan Needham

Club Chairman

Spear Taekwondo is a non-profit Taekwondo club based just outside Huddersfield. We  are open to all from the community and welcome people from all walks of life. We are run by a committee from the community for the community.
Taekwondo is the most popular martial art in the world with over 60 million active students. Our aim at Spear is to provide quality teaching within a fun, friendly and safe environment.
We offer classes to all age ranges from 3 upwards and to all abilities, from the absolute beginner (to martial arts and fitness) to those who would like to train and compete at athlete standards. We cater to all ages, genders and cultures.
Spear Taekwondo is run by 3rd Dan Alex Needham. Alex is joined in class by his brother Tim Needham ( 2nd Dan) and both have represented their country at European and World Championships.
Spear Taekwondo aims to promote in all its members the principles of confidence, fitness and team spirit. 
What is Olympic style Taekwondo?
Spear Taekwondo practises Olympic or WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) style. This is the only style of Taekwondo recognised by the Olympics and has been an event within the Olympics since 1992.
Taekwondo has evolved from several ancient martial arts and translates to ‘the way of the foot and fist’. Taekwondo is an exciting mixture of set patterns, kicking, punching, self defence and sparring. It is a complete martial art with a fast paced sport element.
Taekwondo teaches more than physical fighting skills, it enhances spirit and life and brings many rewards including

Improved health, fitness and flexibility;
Increased self confidence;
Improved balance and coordination;
Self defence skills;
Self discipline and control;
Team spirit

Tim Needham

2nd Dan Black belt - Current senior -54kg British Champion 

Our Club

Alex Needham

3rd Dan Black belt who has won numerous competitions including the British Nationals​. 

Spear Taekwondo CIC and Kickstars... Olympic Martial Arts, For Fun, For Fitness, For Discipline. Come and learn a great sport, with a young and enthusiastic team. Start your children at 4 to learn some great co-ordination skills, they can move in to the Taekwondo junior classes at 6 or 7. If you are competitive and want to embrace a new sport give it a go. If you want to increase your fitness and improve your health, this could also be a more fun way to approach your training...... Contact Us for more information.. Like our facebook page and follow us on Twitter. Thank you for visiting our website :)

Olivia harrison

1st Dan black belt who has won numerous competions including the British Championships.

Spear Taekwondo CIC